2016-17 UCI Maintain Don't Gain Challenge

Thank you to the 493 participants of 2016-2017 UCI Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge!

Our UCI Results:
  • 98% of your coworkers were successful in, at least, maintaining their weight within 3 pounds
  • 50% of your coworkers actually lost weight during the challenge
  • Total pounds lost at UCI: 340 lbs.
  • Average weight lost: 3.7 lbs./person
  • Individual weight loss ranged from: 1-15lbs!

Congrats to this year's raffle prize Winners

Alice Lee
Anne LeSage
Christi Van Buskirk
Christina Woo
Doug Everhart
Doreen Tannenbaum
Elizabeth Robison
Janet Leung
Jordan Quinn
Kaitlyn Nishi
Karen Lampe
Kelly Swanholm
Lesley Dowd
Lisa Preble
Lynette Vaz
Lynda Rogers
Marcella Khelif
Maria Lampino Guerrero
Richard Diaz
Saori Mack
Sherry Ong
Veronica Romero
Vicki Grahame

The average American gains 1–5 pounds over the holiday season and over time, the weight can add up.
Don’t wait for New Year’s Resolutions.
Give yourself the gift of maintaining your pre-holiday weight.
Join your UCI colleagues to take this year's 8-week Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge.

1. Sign up

All participants that sign up will receive a free starter kit with challenge incentives as well as special opportunities to participate in Challenge only activities and promotions.

Registration is now Closed for the 2016 Challenge. Please take advantage of the challenge resources and weekly emails below.

Helpful Challenge Resources:
Challenge Table Tent - Place on your desk/work area or at home to show off your participation in the challenge and help steer away snack temptations.
Seated Workout - To help you on your long road trips, flights, or traffic jams this Holiday Season and beyond, challenge yourself to get active while you're seated.
Motivational Posters - Post in your work area or home to encourage and motivate your co-workers and family.
      Fall in love with taking care of yourself
      Eat Good, Feel Good
      Every choice you make has an end result
      Stepping towards a healthier you

2. Weigh In

Download and print the Maintain Don't Gain Tracking Form.
Attend a weigh-in event (Campus locations only) or weigh yourself at home and record your Week 1 weight on the provided Tracking Form.

3. Read your weekly Challenge emails for tips, resources, and motivation

Weekly emails will be sent to the email provided each Monday throughout the challenge and include a weekly mini Challenge, health recipe, video and more.

Week 1 - Build Up Your Health
Week 2 - Add Healthy To Every Holiday Helping
Week 3 - Simple Ways To Sneak In Fitness
Week 4 - Stay on Track - Wherever Your Travels Take You
Week 5 - Celebrate the Season With Ease
Week 6 - Arm Yourself With Smarter Snacks
Week 7 - Bring Your Party Game Plan
Week 8 - Here's To The New, Healthy, You!

4. Track your weight weekly using the Tracking Form

Only Week 1 and Week 8 weights required. Weekly tracking is optional but suggested. Please Note: This record is for your eyes only and will not be collected or tracked by anyone but yourself.

5. Weigh Out

Attend a weigh-out event or weigh yourself at home and record your Week 8 weight on the Tracking Form by January 20, 2017.

Campus Weight Out Events:
Tuesday, January 17 - 9 am to 5 pm, UCI Campus, Human Resources
Wednesday, January 18 - 9 am to 5 pm, UCI Campus, Human Resources
Thursday, January 19 - 9 am to 5 pm, UCI Campus, Human Resources
Friday, January 20 - 11 am to 1:30 pm, Health and Fitness Fridays, UCI Campus, Anteater Recreation Center, Kitchen/Classroom, 2nd Floor

6. Report Your Results

Use your personal tracker and calculate your difference in weight during the 8-week Challenge. Only the weight difference from week 1 to week 8 will be reported. No actual weights required. Report your results by completing the Challenge Results Survey at one of the weigh-out events or online 1/13/17 - 1/31/17. Everyone that completes the survey will receive a Challenge Completion Gift Bag in the mail which includes an exercise stretch band and sustainable utensil kit to help you maintain your weight management goals!
Click Here To See The 2015-2016 UCI Challenge Summary >

Incentives and Prizes

All participants who sign up for the Challenge by Nov. 18 will receive a "Challenge" starter kit including a "Build-a-Meal Recipe Book".
All participants who complete the 8-week challenge by completing the Challenge Results Survey, will receive a travel utensil kit and exercise band, regardless of weight change.
Those participants who successfully complete the challenge by maintaining (within 3 lbs) or losing weight will be entered into a grand prize raffle.

Raffles Prizes Include:
Fitness testing (Bod Pod/RMR/VO2)
Fit Bit
Mountain bike
Lunch voucher, and more!

Maintain Don't Gain Challenge Classes and Discounts

EATer Meal Prep Classes - $40 each
Monday, Dec. 5 (register by 12/1) and Monday, Dec. 12 (register by 12/8)
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Anteater Recreation Center, Kitchen
Leave each class with 4 prepared meals that each feed 4 people.
Register and pay online by clicking the date above, in person at the ARC sales desk, or by phone 949-824-3738

Free Fitness Classes at the Anteater Recreation Center
Get moving with these free fitness classes in our very own recreation center on Campus! No ARC membership required, and classes are open to all Challenge Participants and their guests. Select free classes include: F45, Pilates Stretch, Body Beat, Yoga Balance, Cardio Hip Hop, and Zumba. Registration for each class is required. Click Here to Register (EEE sign up sheet)

Free Boot Camp Fitness Classes at select local 24 Hour Fitness locations
No guts, no glory in this total body, 50 min. workout! This class incorporates drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and quickness.
No 24 Hour Fitness Membership required. Registration is required. Please register at least 48 hours before each class. All classes subject to cancellation if less than 6 people register.
All registered participants will also receive a free 7-day guest pass when they check in to use at any of the 4 participating locations. Click on each location below for class times and to register.

Santa Ana Super Sport
Lakeshore Towers Ultra Sport
Orange Sport
Irvine Culver Active

UCI Weight Management Program Discount
Save 40% off of the startup fees if you join by Dec. 29 and mention the Challenge + take advantage of the ongoing UCI employee discount and save 20% off program fees and classes.
Call 949-824-8700 to join. 

Discounted Bod Pod Pre/Post Fitness Testing at the ARC
Get 2 Bod Pod tests for only $60 (a $40 savings). The first test must be completed by Dec. 22 and second test by Mar. 17.
Call the ARC Sales desk at 949-824-3738 to purchase the “Bod Pod: LeanZone pre/post” & email Courtney at cburkes@uci.edu to schedule.