Maintain Dont Gain Challenge

November 18, 2013 - January 10, 2014

The average American gains 1-5 pounds over the holiday season and usually doesn't lose it.
Over time, it can add up! Don't wait for New Year's Resolutions.
Maintain your pre-holiday weight throughout the holiday season.
Join your UC Irvine colleagues to take the 8-week Maintain Don't Gain Challenge.

Did you miss any of the Maintain Dont Gain Workshops? 


Maintain Dont Gain Challenge

2013 Maintain Don't Gain Challenge

1. Sign up to take the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge

2. Attend a weigh-in event or weigh yourself at home by Nov. 22

If you were not able to attend a weigh-in event, please weigh yourself and record a Week 1 Weight. Please Note: This record is for your eyes only and will not be tracked by anyone but yourself. 

3. Record your Week 1 weight on the Tracking Form

Download the Maintain Don't Gain Tracker

4. Read your weekly Maintain Don’t Gain email, (and attend a workshop if you can)

Week 1: Swap Your Treats

Week 2: Remake Your Plate 

Week 3: Savvy Snacking 

Week 4: Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving 

Week 5: Avoid Diet Sabotage

Week 6: Slim the Trimmings

Week 7: The Gift of Less Stress

Week 8: New Year, New Attitude

5. Track your weight weekly using the Tracking Form

Only Week 1 and Week 8 weights required. Weekly tracking is suggested but optional.

6. Turn In Your Results

Click Here To Submit Your Challenge Results

How did you do? Weigh out at one of the Campus or Medical Center events January 10-17 or self report via the online survey. You are not required to attend an official weigh out but we do ask that you use the same scale as you weighed in with during week 1 if possible. Exact weights and tracking forms will not be collected. You will only be asked to submit your weight difference for the 8-week challenge via an online survey.

Campus Weigh-out Opportunities
Friday, 1/10/14: 11am - 2pm, ARC, 680 California (during the New Year, New You Expo)
Monday, 1/13/14, 10am - 5pm, Human Resources, 111 Theory, Suite 200
Tuesday, 1/14/14, 10am - 5pm, Human Resources, 111 Theory, Suite 200
Thursday, 1/16/14, 10am - 5pm, Human Resources, 111 Theory, Suite 200
Friday, 1/17/14, 10am - 5pm, Human Resources, 111 Theory, Suite 200
Additional times available by appointment in the HR Office.
Email request to Dyan at

Medical Center Weigh-out Opportunities
Tuesday, 1/14/14, 12pm - 2pm, Human Resources, 200 S. Manchester Ave, Suite 800 (200 Building)
Wednesday, 1/15/14, 12pm - 2pm, Workstrong Room, Bldg 33 (near parking/security)
Thursday, 1/16/14, 12pm - 2pm, Human Resources, 200 S. Manchester Ave, Suite 800 (200 Building)


All participants are eligible. Participants attending an official weigh-in event will receive a "Challenge" starter kit. All participants will receive incentives along the way thanks to our partners at Kaiser Permanente.
Those participants who complete the 8-week challenge by submitting their weight difference, will receive another gift, regardless of weight change.
All participants who successfully complete the challenge by maintaining (within 3 lbs) or losing weight will be entered into a raffle for one of many grand prizes.

Raffle Prizes Included:
Foldable Bike
ARC massages
ARC cooking classes
Ipod shuffles
Healthy cooking tools
Gift Cards
And more…


Campus: Dyan Hall, dyhall@uci
Medical Center: Cynthia Anderson,