Drink More Water


Drinking water is essential for your body to function normally as it prevents dehydration, flushes waste from our bodies, moves nutrients though our cells, and keeps our joints lubricated. Not only does water keep our bodies running smoothly, but it also helps us look and feel better by controlling our weight, increasing our energy levels, and moisturizing our skin. Water is a vital component to a healthy diet and is just one of the few steps that can lead us to a healthier and better lifestyle.


Need a Refill? Check out our new hydration stations!

  • Fast 
  • Free
  • Easy to use (automatic sensor!)

UCI is installing Hydration Stations around campus, providing filtered water for reusable containers. These hydration stations use state-of-the-art filtration technologies to process tap water by removing sediment, chlorine taste, and odor.


Refill your water bottles all around campus!

Located in over 20 new stations around campus including:

  • Student Centerhydrationmap
  • Humanities Hall
  • Science Library Study Center
  • Rowland Hall
  • Engineering Tower                  
  • Langson Library       
  • And many more!                             

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Eco-friendly Reusable Water Bottles

Help Save the Planet and Your Health


Did you know that each second 1,500 water bottles are being consumed in the US? That translates to billions of waste each year. Only 20 percent of bottles we use make it to the recycling bin and the rest are sent to landfills. Use of plastic water bottles adds to pollution and can take up to 450 years to decompose. Investing in a water bottle will help save the environment and keep you healthy and hydrated.

UC Irvine is loyally committed to encouraging environmental sustainability. As a way to promote this, UC Irvine's Facilities Management and Students 4 Sustainability have worked together and successfully installed hydration stations as a way to increase water consumption as well as reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Find the nearest one near you!

The Benefits of Water

Don't wait till you are thirsty to drink more water, by then you might already be suffering from dehydration. Dehydration can cause headache, fatigue, and lightheadedness. In addition to keeping your body happily hydrated, water will rejuvenate your body by:

Taking the first steps: How much water should you drink?


The amount of water that you drink depends on a person's weight, activity level, and climate; however, a general rule of thumb is the "8 by 8" rule. You should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

Another simple way to calculate your intake is to divide your weight (in pounds) by two. The number left is your water requirements in ounces. Or use the Human Weight Requirement Calculator.

Tips on Drinking More Water

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