UC Wellness Programs

Following its 2008 launch of UC Living Well, UC’s wellness initiative, the University continues to offer a wide range of wellness resources.

Wellness Discounts

UCI Health Plans Preventive Care Summary- Make the most out of your medical plan.

Dollars and Sense- Smart ways to decrease your out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Employee Wellness Discounts from Medical Plan Membership

Health Care Facilitator

The UC Irvine Health Care Facilitator can help employees and retirees obtain full utilization of their benefits and services from UC Health plans. The Health Care Facilitator can assist you with:
  • Health plan or billing issues left unresolved after you have followed standard protocol
  • Understanding your health plan coverage and rights and how Medicare benefits coordinate with UC medical plans
  • Providing referrals to other campus or community resources and one-on-one counseling/problem solving of health care issues

StayWell Health Management

The StayWell program is available to help you change your health behaviors and create a healthier lifestyle. To help get you started, UC in 2010 provided a $100 gift certificate to each eligible* employee and retiree and a $50 gift certificate to eligible* spouses/domestic partners as an incentive for taking the health assessment. To qualify for the gift certificate, the health assessment must have been completed January 5 through April 15, 2010. The gift certificates can be redeemed through Hallmark Insights at over 350 vendors including the UC onsite Recreational Sports Facilities.

Below is the list of UCI bargaining units that           WILL PARTICIPATE in StayWell for 2010.
   FF    Fire Fighters      
   GS    Printing Trades
   CX    Clerical & Allied Services (CUE)
   IX    Non-Academic Senate¬Instructional (AFT)
   K9    Skilled Crafts - UCI
   LX    Professional Librarians (AFT)
   PA    Police Officers
The units below have OPTED OUT of participation in StayWell for 2010. 
   BX    Academic Student Employees (UAW 2863)
   EX    Patient Care Technical (AFSCME 3299)
   HX    Residual Patient Care Professionals (UPTE-CWA)
   NX    Registered Nurses (CNA)
   RX    Research Support Professionals (UPTE-CWA)
   SX    Service (AFSCME 3299)
   TX    Systemwide Technical (UCTE-CWA)

Employee Assistance Program

An enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to UCI faculty and staff employed on campus and their dependents. EAP is a free confidential service. This program is administered by Cascade Centers, an EAP provider since 1978, with oversight from Human Resources.