UCI Wellness Interns

Internship with UCI HR Wellness & Engagement

Undergraduate and Graduate internships are available each quarter with UCI HR Wellness and Engagement Program in Human Resources at the UCI Campus. Interns will work as part of the UCI HR Wellness and Engagement team in Human Resources on Campus to learn first hand how to administer a Wellness and Engagement Program for UCI Employees.

UCI HR is currently an approved site for both the UCI Public Health Practicum and the UCI Social Ecology Field Study. All undergraduate students are required to work 10 hours a week for 10 weeks to complete 100 hours. Graduate student hours may vary.

Application Information: Undergraduate students must submit their resume and cover letter no later than the end of Week 3 of the quarter before they are interested in working. (For example, if you would like to complete your internship during Spring Quarter, you will need to apply no later than Week 3 of Winter Quarter.) Interviews will be held during Week 4 and 5 each quarter to fill openings for the following quarter. Graduate intern application timeline varies by program.

Send Resumes and Questions to: Dyan Hall, Wellness & Engagement Specialist, UCI Campus HR, dyhall@uci.edu